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A freelancer has taken to TikTok to reveal the positives of no longer having colleagues, and it’s oh-so-relatable.

Comedian Holly Morris recently went from working a nine to five office job, to becoming a full time influencer.

And while she’s been open about how tricky the transition has been, she recently uploaded a video sharing the things she ‘no longer needs to pretend are funny/interesting at work.’

‘Admitting some of these things actually feels criminal,’ she said.

‘Going freelance was the best thing that’s ever happened to me and it’s because I miss out on these weird social things that happen in offices that just absolutely send alarm bells through my brain.’

Starting off strong with one ‘that’s going to offend a lot of people’, Holly she no longer has to pretend to care about ‘a dog being “assistant for the day”‘ – basically, when colleagues send you pictures of their pets.


The more i research into adhd the more these make sense lol, i really, really struggle with small talk or people not acting/saying things they really feel and i felt so often offices were like this – at work i always felt like i was a sim trying to level up my social skills but failing loool 😭😭😭😭😭

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Elaborating, she said: ‘When someone brings a dog in or there’s a [picture in a Slack channel]… the dog by the laptop or the dog in a basket by someone’s feet.

‘Everyone has to politely be like “haha, yeah…”

‘Why are you involving your dog in this sh*t chat? Just leave me and the dog both in peace.’

Next up was feigning to care about what people are getting up to at the weekend, as Holly said people are rarely truthful about what they actual do with their free time.

She said: ‘No one on there is saying, “I went out from 2pm on Saturday, Sunday I was just really anxious and I cried in the evening about the Sunday scaries.’

The third one, which Holly said ‘is bad’, is wishing people a happy birthday. ‘If you work in big offices, there’s a birthday every single day.’

Elsewhere on her hitlist, Holly said we all pretend to care about other people’s ‘mediocre updates’.

Holly explained: ‘Something like, “Claire in the pay team has managed to get a 2% RPI… blah blah blah.

‘You have to look like a team player so you have to be like “that’s great”… even though I’ve got no idea what you did.’

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Another one that will be familiar to all office workers is ‘how someone made their lunch.’

She explains the scenario of sitting down to eat lunch when a colleague comes to sit by you – with nothing to say, you start sharing your lunch recipes. ‘They’d go through every single step slowly… please, please, unleash me from this wrath.’

And finally, Holly talks aim at the tea run. ‘I felt obliged to ask everyone if they wanted a tea or coffee.’

Holly says it would take up time and she’d ‘spend the rest of the afternoon questioning whether they like the drink or not.’

Whether you like to admit it or not, we know you agree with all of the above…

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