Sally and Gail talk to Kevin as they fear Tim has gone missing in Corrie
Sally gets some news (Picture: ITV)

Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) faces a horrifying reality in Coronation Street tonight (October 11) as she learns Tim (Joe Duttine) is missing.

At the start of Super Soap Week, Sally was under the impression that Tim had prioritised a football match with Kevin (Michael Le Vell) instead of wedding anniversary plans.

In reality, he was actually in the middle of a terrifying showdown with Stephen (Todd Boyce) after finding a corpse in the canal.

As the drama continues, a calm and collected Stephen tricks an oblivious Michael (Ryan Russell) into transferring the full balance of the Underworld account into a bogus one that he has set up.

While Stephen puts the final touches to his plan ahead of his escape to Thailand, Sally starts to panic when Kev tells her that Tim didn’t go to the match with him and Kirk (Andrew Whyment).

Stephen takes Tim's taxi to the woods in Corrie
Will he kill again before he leaves? (Picture: ITV)

Later that day, as the truth is finally revealed about murderous Stephen Reid, Elaine (Paula Wilcox) reports that the Platts believe Stephen killed anyone who got in his way.

Realising that Tim was one such person – Sally feels sick.

Sally attends Ken's birthday party at the Bistro, but is concerned about Tim's whereabouts in Corrie
Sally wonders where Tim has gone(Picture: ITV)
Tim is thrown into the boot of his car after being attacked by Stephen in Corrie
It’s not looking good (Picture: ITV)

But where is he, and is Tim alive?

‘It clicks with Sally, she goes “Oh my God, he never got on with Tim“‘, Sally Dynevor explained.

Once Sally is given the news that the body in the canal isn’t Tim’s, she is then shown her husband’s blood-stained wallet that’s been found.

‘She really believes that Stephen has got something to do with it’, Sally revealed.

‘She’s confused by it all – what happened? Is he still alive? Has Stephen got him? Where is he? What’s going on?’.

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