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The drama is just beginning (Picture:

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) may be gone, but the story is far from over – for those left behind on Coronation Street, the aftermath is going to be explosive.

With Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) in hot water after killing Stephen, Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) is devastated – and fully blames him for the loss of her son.

And for others, they are worried for the future, with Underworld on the brink of collapse and Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) fighting for his life.

So what’s to come? We take a look at the expected future.

Peter faces prison ahead of his exit

It’s no secret that Chris Gascoyne is set to leave his role as Peter Barlow – leaving legions of fans devastated.

Not that he is implicated in Stephen’s death, it seems that a crushing exit is on the cards for him.

Peter Barlow looks angry in Coronation Street
Peter is facing the end (Picture: ITV)

He would be unlikely to split from Carla Connor (Alison King) given how much they have protected and supported each other recently.

So, the police are going to be all over him – and he could be facing jail…

Audrey is furious – and wants Peter to pay

Audrey may play an integral part in this – we have seen her rage at Peter for what happened to Stephen.

Despite everything he has done, Audrey will always love her son, and now wants justice for his death.

Will she be instrumental in having Peter sent down?

The Platts face shame

Meanwhile, the ramifications of Stephen’s murders will leave Weatherfield in shock, with the Platts finding themselves under the spotlight.

Audrey star Sue Nicholls explained: ‘His actions have affected so many people. David is very good at dealing with that and won’t let people bad mouth the family, Gail is going to try and keep a low profile.

‘And let’s not forget dear Tim is still missing and whilst that is the case people are going to be looking to the Platts for answers too.’

Can Tim survive?

Tim is thrown into the boot of his car after being attacked by Stephen in Corrie
Tim’s fate hangs in the balance (Picture: ITV)

Speaking of Tim, he remains trapped in that car boot. With Sally frantic, his fate hangs in the balance.

Time is running out, and Joe Duttine hasn’t ruled out an exit from the show.

‘Coronation Street’s been absolutely brilliant for me, and it’s been an absolute joy to work on.

‘So, if that’s the way the character has to go, that’s the way he has to go, and I’ll just be grateful for the time I’ve spent here. Obviously, I’d be incredibly sad, but that’s the nature of the show.’

Carla may lose her business

Stephen has swiped half a million from the factory, with Carla now in a painful situation.

With Underworld in the grips of such a crisis, she needs to find any idea she can to reverse her fortunes.

It’s going to be easier said than done…

Michael is in hot water

Michael accidentally played a part in the loss of that money, having given Stephen his logins.

So now, he is at the centre of Underworld facing closure.

But the police are also going to suspect he was in cahoots with Stephen…

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