Stephen dies in Coronation Street
Stephen’s final moments (Picture: ITV)

Did you see that coming? Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) certainly didn’t!

Coronation Street has ended the 18-month serial killer storyline with one final death, as Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) speeding his car at Stephen and killing him.

The shocking moment came as desperate Stephen took Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) hostage, dragging her out on the street with a broken bottle to her neck.

It was pretty certain that the game was up for him as he demanded that David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) bring a getaway car for him.

With Jenny shaking with fear, a crowd gathered to witness the events, led by Stephen’s mum Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) who begged him to stop this.

The truth about Stephen’s actions over his tenure became clear to everyone, and he became more and more panicky.

At the same time, Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) begged him to confirm Tim’s (Joe Duttine) whereabouts, something he didn’t confide.

Meanwhile, Peter was racing back to Weatherfield, having realised that Stephen wasn’t at the airport at all.

As Stephen pulled Jenny to the car he was going to escape in, he dropped her, letting her go.

Stephen is hit by a car in Coronation Street
Ouch! (Picture: ITV)

In the same moment, Peter drove at him, knocking him flying onto the cobbles.

Peter was instantly shocked at his actions, insisting that he thought Stephen would kill Jenny if he didn’t stop him.

Stephen was at death’s door at the ground, with Sally continuing to plead for information on her missing husband.

Meanwhile, a deeply distressed Audrey cradled her son, apologising for everything and begging for him to pull through.

However, he soon passed away, leaving Peter stunned that he had taken a life.

It spells the end of Stephen’s reign of murder, but the drama is only really beginning for those left behind.

For Peter certainly, Audrey has made it clear that she feels he deliberately killed her son, and she declared that he would face justice.

It sparks fears that the end is nigh for Peter. Given Chris Gascoyne is leaving his role, a spell in prison is a real possibility.

Peter looks over Stephen's body in Coronation Street
Peter realises the enormity of what he has done (Picture: ITV)
Audrey cries over Stephen's body in Coronation Street
Shattered Audrey has lost her son (Picture: ITV)

And Sue Nicholls recently told us that the outcome for Audrey will be far-reaching over coming months.

‘I am interested to know what will happen and how the Platt family are going to respond to Audrey’s reaction to his crimes,’ the stalwart pondered.

‘Audrey is bewildered, the family know that Stephen is the baddie and the fact that his mother is not on that wavelength is a real worry to them, especially with everything that has happened with her over the past couple of years.

‘They could lecture her and try to make her see sense but actually, they know that isn’t going to help.’

Todd Boyce smiles to the camera
And with that, Todd Boyce bows out (Picture: ITV)

She added: ‘His actions have affected so many people. David is very good at dealing with that and won’t let people bad mouth the family, Gail is going to try and keep a low profile.

‘And let’s not forget dear Tim is still missing and whilst that is the case people are going to be looking to the Platts for answers too.’ 

Many won’t be shedding tears over Stephen’s fate, but Sue is going to miss working with Todd Boyce.

‘We miss having him around already. I absolutely loved working with him,’ she enthused.

‘I love Todd, he’s a joy, he’s delightful. He has worked so hard and he has had so many days full of long scenes and he has put his all into creating this character, I think it’s been wonderful.

‘I’ve been lucky, because I’ve had a very, very good story, beautifully written. I know I’ll miss him and I’m going to have to stay in touch with him because I have known him for such a very long time.’

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