There is a lot of drama ahead for Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) as the net closes in on serial killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) in Coronation Street.

Viewers are desperate to know how Stephen’s story is set to end, and while we can’t give you all the details, there are certainly some intense scenes involved.

Some such scenes see Jenny and Stephen embroiled in a ‘messy’ fight, which actress Sally Ann Matthews revealed she had a lot of say in.

‘I really wanted it to be messy. That’s why I wanted to be on the floor to kind of recreate that Rita and Alan fight that was messy and scrappy and not choreographed. It’s not a punch to here and a kick to there…

‘So, I had a lot of input in that and I wanted to be dragged around, a bit like Rita was because that’s what we were going for, for that grubby, very real – How do you fight? What do you do?’

Stephen and Jenny watching telly in Coronation Street
There’s a messy fight on the cards for Jenny and Stephen (Picture: ITV)

This fight comes amid scenes that see the true extent of Stephen’s crime coming to light, with the residents of Coronation Street coming to realise that they have a killer in their midst.

This realisation leaves Jenny absolutely terrified, as Sal explained.

‘She’s cacking her pants! She suddenly realises and it all starts to come together, she realises that if he did this with Leo then how long has this been going on for? Leo’s been dead a year, was this his intention all the time, he did this and was comforting her, it’s just a betrayal on every single level.’

With this story having affected so many of our favourite characters, they are all set to be brought together as it reaches its climax, Sal has revealed.

Stephen on the phone in Corrie
The net is closing in on Stephen (Picture: ITV)

‘I think what [this episode] does brilliantly is it ties up the last 18 months with Stephen at the centre, and it permeates out with everybody that he’s affected in his entire time on the street.

While there’s a lot of fighting and jeopardy, that isn’t all we have to look forward to.

‘It’s very much about love as well. [Stephen’s] love for Sarah, his love for Jenny, Audrey’s love for him.

‘Then what he’s done to Elaine, what he’s done to Tim, what he’s done to Jenny, what he’s done to Carla. I think it’s a really interesting way to tie all of those people together.

‘Audrey and Jenny have known each other for a very long time so their paths are going to cross a little bit more because of Stephen now. And I think that’s a really nice thing. We’ve got Sally in it as well.’

However Stephen’s story ends, it will surely have far-reaching consequences for the whole street, and we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

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