Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) has played a huge part in Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) reign of terror storyline in Coronation Street, having been one of the first people to learn about his fraud against Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls).

As Stephen’s story reaches its climax tonight (October 13), Tina O’Brien has revealed the scenes that have been a ‘dream come true’ for her to film.

‘Working with the Platts is like my dream come true. I know it’s really cliché, but if I look down the call sheet and see that I’ve got a scene with all the Platts then it’s like Christmas!’ She told

The Platts feature very heavily in the episode which sees Stephen’s story come to and end, and Tina promises a very satisfactory ending for fans.

‘I think that the fans will find it a very satisfactory situation. Obviously, I don’t want to say too much! I think there’s so many ways this could go.

DS Swain checks her phone while in Audrey's salon as Stephen's final storyline continues
The police are catching up with Stephen (Picture: ITV)

‘Obviously, the audience know that there’s going to be some form of ending. It’s interesting though, because although it’s satisfactory, I think that Audrey also in that moment is so beautiful, and again gives it another little spin to make it feel more heartfelt.’

Stephen has been juggling plates for months now and viewers have seen his crimes finally begin to catch up with him.

This week, police finally found the remains of Teddy Thompkins, Stephen’s second victim, several weeks after finding the body of his son.

David, Sarah, Elaine, Gail and Peter outside Redbank Apartments in Corrie
Tina loves working with the Platts (Picture: ITV)

Stephen killed Teddy earlier this year when he began to suspect that he had something to do with son Leo’s disappearance.

Leo and Teddy weren’t Stephen’s only victims, with Rufus having been finished off by him as well.

As it stands, Tim Metcalfe’s (Joe Duttine) life is hanging in the balance, with no one knowing whether he is alive or dead.

Though dastardly Stephen is not very popular among Corrie residents, actor Todd Boyce couldn’t be more loved by his castmates.

‘It’s really strange because you do get really close to people, and as everyone else has said, Todd is a wonderful, kind, hardworking human being and we’ve just loved having him here,’ Tina said.

‘And I do miss him. So, it’s wonderful that we’re doing things like this today so I get to see him for a bit longer! But he’s very busy actually, since leaving, so he’s probably like “Corrie who?”’

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