A furious Ryan at the precinct in Corrie
Ryan’s fury increases (Picture: ITV)

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) was the victim of a horrific acid attack in Coronation Street, which left him scarred for life and coping with a massive amount of trauma.

Following a visit to Ireland to visit his mum, he returned seemingly in a better frame of mind only for it to become quickly apparent that he’d turned to steroid use to try and bolster his confidence in the aftermath of the attack.

Initially this was linked to a new fitness regime as Ryan tried to gain some control over how he looked.

‘He’s already convinced himself that he’s getting back on his feet and this newfound interest in fitness is going to bring him out of his shell and give him the confidence he needs,’ Ryan Prescott told us. ‘It gives him something to focus on and takes his mind off all the pain he’s been through and the fact he looks so different.’

Along with the changes to his body, however, the steroid abuse has led to some behaviour changes for Ryan and he’s already lashed out at Carla (Alison King) as well as flying into a rage when a group of boys made some comments about his scars in the street.

Max and Daisy help Ryan after he attacks Gav in Corrie
Max and Daisy are on hand to help (Picture: ITV)

Ryan’s rage is set to flare up again in upcoming episodes. After injecting himself with steroids, he’s out for a walk with Daisy but at the precinct Max (Paddy Bever) and Gav (Noah Olaoye) are messing around and Ryan accidentally gets sprayed with some fizzy pop.

It’s quite likely that such an experience would trigger huge fear in Ryan as it could cause him to relive the trauma of having acid thrown in his face, so it’s not surprising that he reacts badly to what seems like an innocent incident.

But it’s the severity of his reaction that’s really shocking, as he grabs Gav and pins him to the ground, completely out of control. Daisy and Max have to hold him back before he can give Gav a severe beating.

Gav on the floor in the precinct after being attacked by Ryan in Corrie
Gav ends up on the floor (Picture: ITV)

This incident, however, finally leads Ryan to confront his addiction as he breaks down in tears later and confesses to Daisy that he’s been abusing steroids.

And later he goes online to speak to his followers and removes the filter he usually uses to cover his face. He explains that it’s time to stop lying and says he’s going to close his account because he wants to focus on being himself again.

Is this the light at the end of the tunnel for Ryan?

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