kfc fries
KFC flopped with this one (Picture: Getty/KFC)

KFC fries are strong contenders for some of the worst fast food chips out there, right? And it seems a relaunch can’t even change their reputation.

The chicken outlet has finally listened to the years-old complaint of customers and revamped its recipe.

Except, here’s the drawback: it seems as though the fries are the same as always, with the brand calling them their ‘signature fries’, just with salt and pepper chucked on.

Don’t expect any changes in the texture of the fries, only the flavour.

From today, if you go onto X (formerly Twitter) and visit the hashtag #NewKFCFries, you can ‘make it rain’ on your screen with animation of chips falling down your phone.

Customers aren’t so impressed though… while some are glad, seeing any change to the fries as an upgrade, others are serving sass.

‘Just the same crap fries then,’ someone wrote.

Not impressed (Picture: X)

‘They are the same bad fries. They don’t need seasoning. You just need to change your fries, completely,’ another said.

And someone else added: ‘They really spent thousands of pounds on marketing just to throw some salt and pepper on the fries.’


Others are more optimistic and at least want to give them a chance.

‘Can’t be worse than the last 10(?) years,’ someone said.

kfc fries
They do look half decent (Picture: KFC)

Meanwhile, others are joking they’ll still be going to McDonald’s for their fries, after getting their chicken from KFC.

Will you be giving them a go, or waiting out to see if they ever change their chip recipe completely?

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