Comp image of a wine glass with rose next to whipped cream, gherkins, cinammon sticks, jalapeno and a pickled onion on a fork
As a drinks expert, Metro’s resident wine guru Rob Buckhaven says he has a duty to check out anything before he slates it (Picture: Getty)

Call me Mr Picky, but seriously, why do I need a jalapeño floating in my rosé or one of my shoes to uncork a wine bottle?

Isn’t the process of putting a glass to your lips, pouring the liquid inside your mouth and swallowing it enough? Obviously not, otherwise someone wouldn’t have invented TikTok.

It’s infuriating – no matter how hard I try to judge, I can’t help but be impressed by people’s ingenuity.

Whether it’s pulling a cork with a knife and fork or a lighter, pouring red wine into a blender to make it taste more expensive or putting it through a Brita filter to avoid a hangover (allegedly), these are the tips, hacks and tricks no one asked for.

As a drinks expert, I feel a duty to personally check out anything before I slate it.

So, first up, let’s start with a few of the rosé flavour enhancing tips and tricks that can be found on the home of #winetok (which has a jawdropping 735 million views, btw).

I’ll be using Snoop Dogg’s new fruity offering, Cali Rosé, £10 in Ocado. Why? Because it’s beyond opulent with flavours of summer pudding, aka deep pink and bordering on sweet.

It also needs a little toning down for my taste, so let’s see if these hacks can help.

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Snoop Dogg and his new rose wine
We tried the trends using Snoop Dogg’s new rosé(Picture: Cali Rose/Getty)

Using my experience with flavours, I also added additional suggestions that I thought might work better. Here goes…

Cinnamon Stick

I often describe certain rosés as having warm spice flavours, so what happens if I actually drop in a cinnamon stick? Pro tip, sieve the wine before drinking it if you don’t want cinnamon shards stuck in your teeth. Half a scroll and you’ll immediately get a noseful of autumnal spice. Palate-wise, cinnamon enhances the fruit flavours in the rosé, giving warmth and dimension. Love this hack.


This has been doing the rounds for a while, so I couldn’t wait to dig in. Add a slice of fresh jalapeño to your rosé, ditching most of the seeds. On the nose, it delivers an immediate thwack of Pyrazines, the vegetal-smelling compounds found in peppers. In the mouth, the sting of chilli neutralises the wine’s sweetness, giving a warm buzzing sensation and making the wine nicely balanced and savoury.


This was my own riff on a jalapeño to illustrate what not to add, but unexpectedly, I’m in love. If I’m honest, I was convinced the vinegar would clash with the wine and cause a metallic taste, as it tends to do. It didn’t. If anything, the gherkin brings salty and vegetal notes to the party that offset the luscious sweetness of the wine. I would do this again.

Pickled Cucumber
Well, this one was a surprise hit! (Picture: Getty Images)

Pickled Onion

Look, if it can work in a Gibson Martini, I was convinced a pickled onion would work in a rosé. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t. Note to self, there are sulphurous-flavoured compounds in onions that clash with, well, everything except gin and dry vermouth, apparently. It’s too overtly savoury and pungent to pair with the richness of Snoop’s rosé, better in a dryer-style wine. Provence rosé perhaps…?

Whipped Cream

I’m no stranger to the phrase ‘Wimbledon in a glass’ in my rosé tasting descriptions. It’s the wine version of chomping Eton Mess on Murray Mount. So, when I clocked the trend of adding whipped cream to rosé, I had high hopes for the combo. Granted, I squirted it way over the rim, but aside from looking like an Ice Cream Sundae, the whipped cream curdled immediately, tasted like alcoholic cake and made the wine turn cloudy. Zero points.

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