Can a CBD balm save our pain in the neck? picture: kloriscbd
The wonder balm that gives instant relief (Picture: Kloris)

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Joint pain can be a real pain in the neck (we couldn’t help it), but previously sceptical shoppers are saying this balm is changing their lives.

‘A gamechanger for endometriosis pain. Really takes the edge off,’ one shopper said of this CBD balm, while another called it ‘comfort in a jar’ and added they were glad ‘this little pot of balm will help ease my arthritic pain’.

‘This relief is not only a game changer; it is a life-changing gift,’ one evidently happy shopper raved.

CBD and pain relief have long been linked, but with more CBD brands popping up all the time, it can be hard to know which to turn to.

The Luxury CBD Balm from Kloris comes highly rated by shoppers, with even at-first-sceptical users swearing by the results.

Some users noted how they began to feel the effects ‘instantly’ which prompted those of us in the Metro office to try it and see if the hype was real.

Metro’s Mel Evans said: ‘I suffer from glorious tech neck and find after prolonged periods at my desk I, quite literally, have a pain in the neck. Trying the balm, it smoothes on easily, compared to other, clumpier formulas I’ve tried, and doesn’t smell strong like CBD oil. Perhaps a little earthy.

‘I found it mildly cooling in effect, and, did notice my neck pain subside after a few minutes. Was some of that owing to placebo? Or the fact that to administer thebalm I took a screenbreak? Who’s to say, but when continuing to use it I found I felt the need to stretch my neck lessen and it felt much less stiff throughout the afternoon and into the evening.’

Kloris Luxury CBD Balm

Kloris Luxury CBD Balm

AVailable here

One shopper, who said they suffer from arthritic pains in both knees, which makes it hard to walk, wrote on the Kloris website: ‘I needed a miracle to get me moving again. I came across Kloris High Strength CBD Balm on the internet and was at first very sceptical in regards to the claims about CBD treatments. After discussing my 1st purchase with my wife I bought the high-strength CBD balm.

‘When it arrived both my wife and I tried it. All of my scepticism evaporated within 10 minutes of applying it to my knees. I was back on my feet again and have not looked back since. Now, each morning, I apply the CBD balm to both Knees and go about my daily life like a normal person. Walking without pain.’

Others noted the near instant effect, with one noting: ‘It calms my pain within minutes.’

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Speaking about the effect CBD can have on pain, Professor Mike Barnes, in association with vitamin and supplement store HapiHemp, previously told us: ‘People are often sceptical of how great a CBD product that goes onto the skin rather than into the body (like oral drops or capsules) can be.’

While speaking about the effect CBD patches can have over, say CBD oil, they went on: ‘By bypassing the digestive system we can deliver more of the CBD more quickly and efficiently than ingestible products, and we can localise the CBD in particular areas of the body to help ease back pain or shoulder pain for example.’