Photos of abducted Noa and her mother
Noa’s parents hope that she will see their birthday message to her (Picture: Noa Argamani/Facebook)

The parents of a woman who was taken hostage by Hamas have wished their daughter a happy 26th birthday.

Sharing a message via the state of Israel’s official account on X, formerly known as Twitter, they said they hope the messages will ‘somehow’ reach missing Noa Argamani.

Noa was reportedly abducted during a music festival on Saturday.

The post includes a photo of Noa smiling with a beautiful backdrop of mountains behind her, as well as the hashtag #HappyBirthdayNoa.

It is urging people to share the post as widely as possible so that it might reach Noa, who is believed to be among Hamas’s hostages.

Hamas carried out an attack on Israel on Saturday, which left more than 1,200 people dead, according to an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson.

Noa Argaman,i Facebook 22 October 2022 Hamas attack on Israel. Hostage.
Noa’s parents are asking for their message to be shared far and wide (Picture: Noa Argamani/ Facebook)
Noa Argamani's father Yaakov Argamani and mother Liora Argamani (Picture: X)
Noa Argamani’s father Yaakov Argamani and mother Liora Argamani said their daughter has been taken hostage by Hamas (Picture: X)

They attacked crowds early in the morning on Saturday at the Supernova music festival in Kibbutz, Re’im, about three miles from the Gaza border.

A video has been shared showing festivalgoers being marched away by Hamas.

Relatives of Noa Argamani and her partner Avinatan Or said to Israeli media that the couple had been taken hostage.

The post on X, shared yesterday, reads: ‘This beautiful woman is named Noa. She was taken hostage by Hamas during a music festival.

‘Today is her 26th birthday. Her parents ask that we all wish her a happy birthday with the hope that maybe somehow these messages will reach her. Please share. #HappyBirthdayNoa’

In a video is claimed that Noa and her partner are being abducted from the music festival by Hamas (Picture: AP)
Noa Argamani Facebook 1 April 2023 Tenerife Spain - 12609557
Noa was at the Supernova music festival about 3 miles from the border with Gaza (Picture: Noa Argamani)
Hamas attacked crowds at a music festival in Israel on Saturday morning (Picture: AP)

Since the attack on Saturday, the Israeli death toll has surpassed 1,300. 

In further updates, Palestinian health officials say that at least 1,200 people have died in Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

More than 338,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in the Gaza Strip, the United Nations said.

Multiple governments have arranged repatriation flights from Tel Aviv for their citizens.

Israeli strikes overnight targeted Hamas’s Nukhba, which spearheaded Saturday’s attacks.

Hamas media said 15 Palestinians had been killed and several wounded.

No decision on a ground incursion has been made, but the Israeli military said it is ‘preparing’ for it.

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