About the Friends

C’mon Let’s Celebrate

2016 is the 30th Anniversary of the Friends of Fosterfields and Cooper Mill,and our Website is up and LIVE August 1,2015.

All our members and volunteers will be striving to bring you an informative website.We anticipate a collaboration of many working together .We can benefit and gather information from “original”Friends who in 1982 belonged to the Junior League of Morristown to assist the Morris County Park Commission with the acquisition lists of“ the Willows” following Caroline Foster’s death .We have present day Friends who do the actual hands-on cooking demonstrations, chores, the maintenance and operation of the farm machinery of a century. They will be able to relate to you their personal love and interest of how people lived right here in Morris County New Jersey just one century ago.

The Friends plan that our Website will be informative and kept up to date.We plan to notify you of events, programs and activities taking place at Fosterfields and Cooper Mill.We are eager to tell you about the history and life in the time of Charles and Caroline Foster.We will try to include“Fun Facts”recipes, gossip, news events that effected everyday life and society at the time.And as our organizations purpose is to support the Morris County Park Commission at these historical sites we will do all we canto promote and develop the agricultural , historic and educational aspects that all the public can enjoy here.

We welcome you to join us.Step back in time to 1900.Experience life in the rural farm area of central New Jersey,which functioned amid the social whirl of the Victorian era just 30 railway miles from New York City.

Visit us again soon.You never know you might just be seeing us pop up more on Facebook, Tweet,Twitter.Our Plan is to take the Past into your Future.